A great place for research and business

Why set-up at Area Science Park?

You can grow alongside big national and international research centres in a multidisciplinary and diverse environment that nurtures new partnerships. Placement at Area Science Park provides the opportunity to grow alongside the leading national and international research laboratories, in a multidisciplinary and cosmopolitan environment.

Grow from the Park
Area Science Park manages one of the leading multi-industry science and technology parks in Italy. Here, companies from advanced technology and services sectors operate alongside international research institutes and laboratories such as Sincrotrone Trieste and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB). The Area Science Park science and technology site extends over an area of 80,000 m² equipped for R&D activity, hosting a diverse and dynamic community of approximately 2.800 researchers, technical personnel and entrepreneurs, all focused on innovation.

In addition to establishing a strong connection between the world of research and industry, Area Science Park offers numerous services to meet the needs of innovation and technology-focused companies, including:

A personalised customer-care service enables Area Science Park to optimise its activity to enhance the scientific, economic and knowledge potential of companies and research centres hosted by the Park.

Area Science Park is able to support the development of scientific, R&D and innovation programmes, identifying opportunities to boost visibility and enhance results in the marketplace. Working at the Park facilitates:

  • the creation of useful connections for new partnerships in the context of projects with public or private financing
  • identification of technological, scientific and commercial partnerships at a national or international level.

Who can set-up at the Park

  • Companies, spin-offs and start-ups operating in advanced technology and services sectors
  • Structured laboratories of medium or large companies, public research bodies, public entities and private research centres

How to set-up at the Park

To set-up at the Park, it is necessary to run scientific-research, innovation or technological-development programmes or, more generally, research and studies in the sectors of advanced technology and business services.

Interested parties should submit an application accompanied with a programme of activity, prepared with the support of Area Science Park staff.

If interested, please contact the Park Development Office at sviluppo.parco@areasciencepark.it