“I Cuccioli della scienza” company nursery

On the Padriciano campus, Area Science Park hosts a company nursery immersed in the green of the Karst natural area, specially furnished and equipped for little ones. The nursery offers children a broad range of engaging activities and has a large, private garden with lots of playthings.

The “I Cuccioli della scienza” company nursery was opened by Area Science Park in 2005 and dedicated to the memory of Sabrina Mancardi, a young researcher of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) who sadly passed away at a young age in 2002.


For further information or visit:

Nursery “Cuccioli della scienza” – Building P
phone +39.040.375 5389
mobile +39 344 2724557 (please use the mobile number only in case telephone number is not working).
E-mail: nido@areasciencepark.it

Administration dpt and Information Technology
Ms Roberta Mejorin
phone. +39.040.375 5277
E-mail: roberta.mejorin@areasciencepark.it