Technical & Scientific Advisory Board

The Technical and Scientific Advisory Board performs advisory functions.

In fact, the Board formulates proposals and expresses opinions on planning and strategic ideas and on the activities relating to the European and international enhancement of research and enterprises through technological transfers and management methodologies, the promotion of international technical and scientific cooperation, the collaboration with public and private entities in the areas of research, technological transfer and support to technological and organisational innovation for the enterprises and the production sectors, training on enterprise development and research and innovation management, the development of scientific and business networks of excellence.

The Board is comprised of 7 members, 5 of which are external and appointed by the Board of Directors following a public selection procedure, and 2 are internal and elected by researchers and technologists working at the Institution.

The members of the Technical and Scientific Advisory Board for the 2018-2022 four-year period are:

  • Mr Mirano Sancin (external member) – CHAIRMAN
  • Prof. Cristiana Compagno (external member)
  • Mr Nadio Delai (external member)
  • Prof. Carlo Poloni (external member)
  • Ms Martina Terconi, Engineer (external member)
  • Ms Ginevra Tonini (internal member)